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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I speak at the event? Can I be on a panel?

The Alternative Protein Show will be a bit different from most events in this industry: the emphasis is on the networking, meeting people, and making connections. There will be no panels, however:

  • We will be having breakout sessions into science and industry by experts in their field. If you or one of your coworkers are an expert in any protein-related area, and would like to submit an idea for a session, let us know. Sessions are optional and will run concurrently so at any given time attendees can choose from up to four concurrent sessions.

  • You can also submit an article for the event book, or for the IAAP trade publication

Will a kitchen be available on site for exhibitors?

Yes, two kitchens will be available, one for each floor, containing cold storage (no freezer however) and ovens, and ability to accept all No freezer or fryer on site; there is a double convection oven; and any electric heating appliance is fine. If a sterno / open flame is needed, an additional $450 fee will be levied for the fire permits that we will need to obtain from the city of San Francisco.